Tiger sex addict

tiger sex addict

We hope you're sitting down. Because Tiger Woods and his girlfriend have broken up. And the reason why is shocking – he cheated. You might. While Tiger Woods' alleged admission to an addiction center has shone a spotlight on sex rehab, methods of treatment remain a little-known. REPORT: Tiger Woods relapsed into sex addiction and cheated on Lindsey Vonn and that was the reason she broke up with him.


12 Things We Really Wish We Didn't Know About Tiger Woods' Sex Life tiger sex addict Is Tiger Woods a sex addict? According to Joe Schrank, yes. EXCLUSIVE: Sex addict Tiger Woods CHEATED on ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn - the real reason they split. Daily Mail Online can now exclusively reveal that during one of those 'times apart' Tiger cheated on Lindsey - with a 'faceless, nameless woman', a friend reveals. A lot of people have called B.S. on Tiger's sex addiction. But at this point in the list, we're actually starting to buy into it. Outside of sleeping with.

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